Monday, October 20, 2008

Working prototype

We had been working towards making a lamp in the form toy or a sppinning bottle using LeDs along with water balls that would help in diffusing the light.
Since that concept did not work too well in terms of its functionality, we thought of making a LeD lamp coaster. For the interaction part, we thought of using proximity sensors that would make the LeDs glow as an object would approach it. One of the main problem here was the design of the coaster which would help make use of the proximity sensor to maximum(since you hold the coaster only from one side). We were initially thinking of making the basic design on the coaster using plastic/glass boxes (to hold the water balls) and paper tray(to support the circuit). But this would look aesthetically untidy.
Hence we thought of using some other materials and finally decided to use the multiple CD holder.  As shown in the mages below, it was jus right to hold the circuit and at the same time give an appearance of a coaster.

The basic working circuit

The form of coaster using CD holder (showing the way the
proximity sensor is placed in it along with other circuit

The functional prototype of the coaster.

Here's a video to see how the prototype actually works...

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