Monday, October 13, 2008

Prototyping stage-1

Since we've deciphered the code and have figured out the way the circuit functions, the next step moves into the prototyping of the LeD lamp.

The basic materials to be used:

The materials that we will be using are inexpensive and are easily available(except for the micro-processors)

1. Water balls: These are polymers (originally available in the market in the form of small balls). When kept in water for approximately 2 hours, these enlarge into bigger ones. We are using this
particular material because of its interaction with light.

2. Plastic bottle: These will be the containers that will hold the water balls along with water and help in diffusing the light.

3. Proximity sensors: these are the infra red sensors that will help in controlling the blinking and
intensity of the LeD.

4. Arduino micro-processor: mainly used for building a circuit and programming it to function in a particular manner depending upon the source code and the elements of the circuit.

5. LeDs: used as light source.

Different forms for the LeD lamp(animating it):
1. The spinning bottle
2. Balloon lamp
3. The universal cap lamp

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