Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All about WATER BALLS!!!

Now that we've decided a topic and have it approved from Anders, we are a little more clear as to where we are heading.
Our concept for the User Interface and User Experience design that extends till the 25th of October is based on using cheap materials, primarily water balls (that cost Rs 10 for 50 small balls) along with motion sensors and motion detectors so as to produce a kind of psychedelic effect.
So what are these water balls?
These are balls made up of specific polymers which when kept in a water holding container, absorb the water and expand. The material, is such that it can absorb the entire water and expand to a great extent making the container tightly filled.
Here are a couple of images of the interaction between water balls and lights:

So how do we intend to go about doing it?
Here's a rough plan of how we intend to execute the concept and hence create a psychedelic effect:

Our Inspiration:


Lava lamps

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Meha Vijay Desai said...

Trust you me, lava lamps were the first thing that came to my mind when I read about what you guys intend to do... Awesome concept, though. And given that you're working with Somesh, I can expect something absolutely outstanding!!! Lemme know how it turns out, for sure! :-) Good Luck with the project... and cheers!!